Posted by: Tom Duch | February 18, 2009


This weekend I found myself watching a lot of NBA All-Star festivities. In recent years I have begun to shy away from the NBA, being a Knicks fan and all, but I have been paying more attention this year. As a Knicks fan I really enjoyed the show that Nate Robinson put on at the Dunk Contest.

Going in, the clear cut favorite was Dwight Howard AKA Superman. Howard is a man-child and Nate Robinson is… well, just a child. Howard did wear a child sized jersey, but lets get serious. It could not have been scripted better having the two face off in the finals. I had my money on Howard, but I think he shot himself in the foot with his dunk order. If he would have saved the 12-foot rim and the theatrics for his last dunk, I think he would have took home the crown.

If it was not for Howard’s cooperation for Robinson’s dunk, the vote would have probably been swayed as well. He was a good sport though, and Kryptonite downed Superman once again. After getting jumped over, the only thing Howard could have done the win was to literally dunk Robinson. Not dunk on, to literally palm him and throw him down with authority.

The final flaw of Howard was that he made it all look too easy. The fact that he is too athletic and did things that people only dream of doing actually hurt him. Well Dwight, I don’t know what to tell you but America will always choose the underdog. I guess next time you should opt for the child’s small instead of the medium


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