Posted by: Tom Duch | February 20, 2009


With the Bassmaster Classic starting up today I had a look at the field. Here are my favorites strictly because their names make good nicknames or Duchisms. If you are unsure of what a Duchism is, it is a nickname I create inspired by Chris Berman and his Bermanisms.

FRED “smokin in the boys ROUMBANIS”
Skeet “REESE peanut butter cups”
EDWIN “happily EVERS after”
SHAW “eleanor GRIGSBY”
KEVIN “for what it’s WIRTH”
“grand KENYON” HILL or KENYON “solsbury HILL”
BYRON “VELVICK vapor rub”
WAINE “bottomless PITTMAN”
TERRY “the BUTCHER the baker the candlestick maker”
“DUSTIN the wind” Wilks



  1. Not going to lie, I liked blogspot better than wordpress. but you had me laughing out loud at these nicknames.

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