Posted by: Tom Duch | March 4, 2009

Oden vs. Bynum

For two young centers with tremendous upside, Greg Oden and Andrew Bynum have spent their share of time on the bench the past two seasons. Oden missed his entire rookie season in ’07 and Bynum missed his fair share of games including all of the playoffs. This year they are both on the shelf once again, and worst of all, to injuries to their other knees. With all this missed time I think it’s time to put some new clauses in their contracts. Lets face the facts, Oden and Bynum could get injured in a game of Hopscotch. Here are a few clauses I would think about if I was in the front office in Portland or LA.

1. No playground games of any kind
(includes Hopscotch, Double Dutch jumprope, Dodgeball, or even Wall ball)
2. No Slam Dunks- layups only (can’t afford that extra shock to the knees)
3. Must wear Orthopedic shoes anytime not on the court and Orthopedic insoles in Bball shoes
4. No Rock Band (that bass petal can be a doozy)
5. No squashing grapes for wine (as you can see, you can injure more than just your knees)



  1. I should have included Hula-Hooping.

  2. oden is mr. glass:

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