Posted by: Tom Duch | April 8, 2009

My Bracket= March Badness


I have been filling out NCAA brackets for about ten years now. In those ten years I have filled out about an average of two men’s brackets per year. In that same time I have filled out a total of two women’s brackets (this year being one of them). I filled out my brackets using ESPN’s Tournament Challenge this year.

Here is my Men’s bracket from this year:
As you can see from the link, I did not do too hot. I am about two months away from graduating with a degree in Sport Management, but unfortunately that does not include a minor in Bracketology. I finished just under the 30th percentile thanks to my picking of only one Final 4 team and none of the finalists.

Here is my Women’s bracket:
In what seemed almost inevitable, the UConn women finished undefeated and took home the national championship. I was not that surprised that I picked the Huskies correctly, however I was after the Elite 8 when I got all four games right. This marked only the second time ever that I picked all four Final 4 teams correctly. The first came back in 2004 when I correctly picked the men’s Final Four and the final, thanks to my boy Luke Schensher and the rest of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. After the UConn win, my entry finished in the 96th percentile.

I guess it’s better to know less when filling out brackets and just go with your gut. I know one thing for sure, I’m going to put some money on my women’s bracket in 2010.


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