Posted by: Tom Duch | June 22, 2009

Paint it Black

In case you missed the conclusion of the US Open today you missed Lucas Glover, not Ricky Barnes, fend off the field and take home the major championship. Barnes seemed to crack under the pressure of being in the final pairing, finishing with a 6 over 76. It seemed Barnes had the Open all but wrapped up just two days earlier when he sat at -11 with a six stroke lead on the competition.

large_ricky barnes

Many people blamed the rainy weather as the cause of the poor play that went on this weekend, but I have other suspicions about Ricky Barnes. Anyone who watched any footage this weekend noticed the small brimmed painters cap worn by Ricky. As the rain slowed and the sun poked its way onto the course, Barnes began to faulter. Perhaps with that small brimmed cap he was unable to keep the sun out of his eyes. Let’s be serious here, it probably was the pressure and not the cap to do it, but you never know. Next time the sun comes out I think the Rickster will opt for the alternative to the painters cap…. the Scotty Smalls long brim from Sandlot.

"Your killing me Smalls"

"Your killing me Smalls"



  1. For anyone who went to Italy for spring break this year (you know who you are), Barnes may resemble a painter who we became well acquainted with overseas…. his name is Leonardo DaVinci. Much like DaVinci, Barnes made a valient effort in doing something great, but came up short of finishing the job.

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