Posted by: Tom Duch | July 7, 2009

Turkoglu nearing big deal with Raptors

After the recent trade for New Jersey’s Vince Carter, it appeared the Magic were not interested in holding on to free agent forward Hedo Turkoglu.  Then again, I don’t think that most teams in the league would have been able to afford the versatile Turk.  Hedo made close to $7 million last season, but he planned on making millions more next season.

After some tremendous playoff play with the Magic, Turkoglu was looking to sign for the big bucks this summer.  After watching big play after big play in the playoffs, I was thinking Hedo was going to hold the NBA hostage with his contract negotiations.  With every big shot or brilliant pass I could see millions being added to his new contract.

This week it seemed like the Blazers had him in their grasp until a new contender anteed up, the Toronto Raptors. Hedo is reportedly going to get the extra paper he wanted, in the form of a 5 year $53 million contract.

I was expecting multiple million more, but that is in large part to the fictional aura that my friends and I gave to Hedo. Ever since my first game of street ball on NBA 2K9, I was Hooked on Hedo.  In a game where you pick any three NBA players from past or present, my competitor chose Turkoglu as his first round pick.  At the time I was amazed, but I became even more awestruck when Turkoglu started raining threes.   On breakaways, stepbacks, and even with LeBron in his eye he nailed every shot he took. From that point on I saw him as a poor man’s Michael Jordan.  He is tall and athletic, and although not a guard like Jordan, he often plays like one.  He is a clutch shooter and most importantly, he is exciting to watch.

I’m not a math guy, but I will leave you with a simple equation that anyone can understand.



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