Posted by: Tom Duch | July 14, 2009

There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep

Remember when your parents always used to tell you to get a good nights sleep?  This week in baseball, two stories prove that this seamingly nonsensical piece of parental advice can bring positive results.

Earlier this week, the Washington Nationals had to make up a game that they had not finished a few months ago.  As it worked out, the pitcher who was in line for the W at the time the game was called was Joel Hanrahan.  The funny part about this is Hanrahan had since been traded to the Pirates and was no longer on the team.  The Nats held the lead, earning Hanrahan his first win of the season.  To top that,  not only was Hanrahan not in the ballpark but he wasn’t even awake.  At the time that Washington got the win he was in bed resting up for an upcoming series with Philadelphia.  When he awoke he was not only refreshed from his slumber but he was pleased to find out he had earned a win for his old ball club as well as helped his new team gain ground on a division foe.

In other news, manager Manny Acta was completely awake when he was fired as the Nationals skipper this week.  Perhaps now Acta can get a good night’s sleep for the first time since opening day of an abysmal season.

The second snoozing story involved Tampa Bay Rays first baseman Carlos Pena.  After Dustin Pedroia withdrew from Tuesday’s All-Star game, there was a roster spot available for one more American Leaguer.  For Pedroia’s replacement, AL manage Joe Maddon wanted one of his guys from the Rays, Carlos Pena.  Now that Pena was an All-Star it meant he was eliglible for the Home Run Derby as well.  This was a lot of good news for Pena, the only problem was relaying this news to him.  Maddon tried time and time again to call his first baseman but he was too busy clocking Z’s.  Pena was finally awoken by his wife who gave him the good news.  No one can be sure if Pena was dreaming of hitting dingers in the derby, but in this instance a dream shared by most big leaguers became a reality for Pena.



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