Posted by: Tom Duch | July 28, 2009

Now That’s PERFECT


Last Thursday afternoon, Mark Buehrle accomplished something that had been done only 17 times in the long history of Major League Baseball.  For Buehrle and the Chi Sox it was”27 up, 27 down, baseball immortality!”  That of course being the call from David Wells’ perfect game back in 1998, but the call for Buehrle’s was even more intense than John Sterling’s.  “YESSS, YESSSS, YESSSSSS!”  Regardless of the announcers, Buehrle accomplished something incredible. He became only the 18th man in league history to retire every batter he faced.  His perfecto was the first since the Big Unit Randy Johnson achieved the feat five years earlier.

Buehrle already had a no-hitter under his belt, but this one put him in the history books next to only 17 others.  Mark’s perfecto was completed in a manageble two hours and three minutes, surprisingly the same time (to the minute) it took him to complete his first no-no.  The game was also umped by the same umpire, Eric Cooper, who called balls and strikes in Buehrle’s 2007 no hitter.

I can envision how excited President Barack Obama and the rest of the White Sox faithful were after the final out of the game was recorded.  I still remember exactly where I was when David Wells and David Cone pitched their perfectos with the Yanks.  I recently saw a clip of Wells’ perfect game on the YES network and I still get chills.

With the win, Buehrle becomes Mr. Perfect for the time being.  He may be Mr. Perfect at the moment, but as far as an all time Mr. Perfect, I’ll take Curt Hennig any day.


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