Posted by: Tom Duch | August 26, 2009

“Let’s Go to the Video Tape”


The video board in the new Cowboys Stadium may look great, but that comes at a price.  That’s not to say it didn’t come at a hefty price already ($40 million), but apparently there will be a couple more million put into this state of the art video board.  In the Cowboys preseason game last weekend, the Titans punted the ball away… or did they?  The ball deflected off the video board causing the play to be blown dead and the Titans to re-kick.

The video board is hanging 90 feet above the field, but it probably should have been higher.  The league minimum for hanging something above the field is 85 feet, however Cowboys punter Matt McBriar is capable of punting the ball 100 feet in the air.  So the executive decision by Jerry Jones (drumroll please)…….hang it at 90 feet.  Makes perfect sense to me too.  Hey they already put $1.2 billion into the stadium, what’s another $2 million to raise the screen.

Truth is this type of thing has happened before.  When the Eagles built their new stadium, Lincoln Financial Field, they built the whole thing without any water fountains.  Millions of dollars are spent to build these stadiums and crazy ammenities like $40 million replay video screens.  Before using all this money, how about using a little common sense.


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