Posted by: Tom Duch | August 26, 2009

“I Will Never Retire!!”

favreBrett Favre is back in the saddle once again, this time with a former division rival, the Minnesota Vikings.   And what better to be wearing in the saddle than a nice fresh pair of Wrangler jeans.  Favre is back in the league after a long summer of pulling everyones chain… will be stay retired, will he be back, will he be wearing Wrangler’s at the press conference?  These are all questions that have been drilled at us all summer long, well except for the latter.

In the words of the immortal 16-time World Heavyweight champion Ric Flair, “I will never retire!! WOOOO!!”  Favre has been doing this whole retirement routine for the past few seasons, but the final verdict remains the same; Brett puts on his best pair of Wrangler’s, tells the press “I will never retire,” gives out about a barrage of backhand chops, yells WOOO, then heads to practice.  It has come to be expected.

Brett’s comeback has immensely pleased both Viking fans and the big-wigs over at Wrangler.  The Vikes have seen their Super Bowl chances raise just as the Wrangler execs have seen a raise in their stock.  I mean you’re only lying to yourselves Vikings fans if you told me that you didn’t go out last year after the Favre signing and buy yourself about a half dozen new pairs of Wrangler’s.


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