Posted by: Tom Duch | September 10, 2009

“Now batting for the Yankees, number 2, Derek Jeter”

He did it with a prototypical Derek Jeter inside-out swing.  In the 7th inning of Wednesday’s game against the Rays, Jeter’s line drive single to right tied him with Lou Gehrig atop of the all-time Yankee hit list.  Since his big league call up in 1995, Jeter has accumulated 2,721 career hits.  That’s more hits than Yogi, more than Joe D, and even more than The Babe… the Colossus of Clout, the Colossus of Clout!

If his career is any indication, Jeter will take soul possession on top of that list this weekend at Yankee Stadium.  After hitting the single that tied the Iron Horse, Yankee fans gave Jeter a tremendous standing ovation.  Jeter should expect an even bigger ovation when he passes Gehrig over the weekend.  When the flash bulbs dim and all is said and done, Derek Jeter will have more hits than anyone to ever wear pinstripes.

Jeter also swiped his 300th career base in the game, a milestone that was completely overshadowed by his single in the 7th.  I have been watching Jeter play since he first got to the big leagues, and he has always put the team first.  Even after accomplishing such a great feat, Jeter was one of the first players out of the dugout after Jorge Posada hit a go-ahead 3 run bomb.  He looks past all the personal accomplishments and puts the team first; that is why he is the Yankee captain.




  1. Cool blog! And yes, good for Derek, he is quite the guy!

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