Posted by: Tom Duch | September 17, 2009

Bills Special Teams!

Poor Leodis McKelvin.  First his parents name him Leodis, then he fumbles away the football and the game against the Patriots on a national stage on Monday Night Football, then his lawn gets spray painted by a couple pre-pubescent Bills fans.

He knows he choked, he knows he threw away a possible W for his team, so why did the poor guy have to get reminded of it by some choice words painted onto his lawn.  I would like to know what those choice words were, however the obscenity was not released.  Whatever it was, it made McKelvin laugh, so why not share it with the rest of us, let us all have a good chuckle over it.

Whatever those rowdies wrote was because of the pain and agony caused by a notorious group of individuals…… BILLS SPECIAL TEAMS.



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