Posted by: Tom Duch | September 18, 2009

Fall Brawl

Just a day before a game that featured walk-off hits and pies in the face, the Yankees were involved in a benches clearing brawl with the Blue Jays.  After a couple Blue Jays were hit by pitches, Toronto pitcher Jesse Carlson threw behind Posada.  Jorge would later score, and upon touching home plate, he put out an elbow at Carlson, who was standing in his path, seemingly backing up the throw.  This little brushup was all the incentive needed for the two to start going at at.

This little skirmish turned into one big melee.  Benches cleared, as both teams came to the aid of their teammate.  Some writers and reporters mentioned that this brawl would hurt the Yankees.  In my opinion this is just what they needed to come together as one.  Posada has been known to have some problems with some of the Yanks pitchers in the past, but they were all right there at his side in the middle of it all.  Sabathia got out there quickly and even Joba made it all the way out, not just a third of the way like he seems to do in every start.  He must be well rested after pitching less than 4 innings in his last 5 starts.

With the cheap shots at Joba aside, this brawl was the last thing the Yankees needed to prepare themselves for a long playoff run.  They are playing great baseball, have good starting pitching (other than Joba…sorry I couldn’t resist), and they have proved they are a team.  It’s not just a couple superstars like its been in the past few years; it’s a few superstars, a few solid starters, and some role players that all come together to make up one hell of a baseball team.

yankee fight


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