Posted by: Tom Duch | September 24, 2009

Big Bad Chad…..well not quite


So it turns out that Chad Ochocinco planned the whole Lambeau leap thing last Sunday.  My response… who cares.  He was planning it all along, he even said he would do the leap last week before the game.  So what if he bought front row tickets for a few Bengals fans; i guess he figured it would be better to get embraced than to possibly get a beat down.  Who knows what kind of cheap shots those Pack fans could have given him, not to mention the pain of getting hit with a plastic beer bottle.

Sure 85 planned the celebration, but it’s all in good fun.  Some analysts had a problem with this today on Around the Horn, and the people at ESPN thought it was big enough news to put in on the headlines of its’ homepage.  I find it entertaining, and so did a lot of people not living in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Either way you look at it Chad did what he set out to do, get publicity.

“Death, taxes, and 85 gonna always be open.” ~ Chad Johnson


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