Posted by: Tom Duch | September 29, 2009

NFL Week 3

Week 3 of NFL action featured a bunch of great games that came down to the last possession.  Here’s a quick recap:

Vikings 27 – 49ers 24 – Brett Favre caps a game winning drive by throwing the game winning 32 yard TD strike to Greg Lewis with just two seconds left on the clock. That’s one way of gaining the respect of your new teammates Brett.

Bears 25 – Seahawks 19 – Cutler doesn’t let Bears fans down, throwing a 36 yard TD to Devin Hester with under two minutes to go. Cutler has successfully fun the two minute drill in consecutive game-winning drives on the way to big wins.

Bengals 23 – Steelers 20 – Carson Palmer led his troops down the field in the final minute, throwing the game sealing touchdown to Andre Caldwell with just 14 seconds to play. With the win the Bengals were just one fluke TD away from being a perfect 3-0.

And oh yea…. the LIONS won a game!!!

In other news from the weekend, the Giants, Jets, Ravens, Colts, Broncos, Vikings, and Saints all remained undefeated. One of those teams, the Jets, had a hard nosed win against last years AFC champion Tennessee Titans. The Jets 24-17 win gave them two wins over the Titans in as many games. In this year’s matchup the Jets showed no respect for their opposition, wearing the throwback New York Titans jerseys.

New York Titans outduel Tennessee Titans

New York Titans outduel Tennessee Titans

In another show of no respect, the Seattle Seahawks showed no respect to the eyes of Seahawks-Bears viewers. Take a look below at the wretched jerseys worn by the team. It’s like looking at the sun. Do you think those things come with batteries? The positive behind them is that they can double as florescent constuction shirts.

Put on your sunglasses before looking at this

Put on your sunglasses before looking at this


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