Posted by: Tom Duch | October 3, 2009

Your Messin’ With Murder Incorporated

The best time of year in the sports world is upon us as baseball rolls into the postseason and football is starting up. However, I am going to take an uncharacteristic break from sports to talk about a man known as The Boss.  On September the 23rd, Bruce Springsteen celebrated his 60th birthday, but less then a week later he was on stage performing the final series of concerts at Giants Stadium.

After playing so many great concerts at the stadium, Bruce and the E Street Band will play the final concert there. After this one, Bruce will have to play his guitar next door at the Giants and Jets brand new home. That’s about the only sports related aspect of this story, so if that’s all you are interested in click HERE to read about the WNBA Playoffs…..But if you want to hear a story about a young man who changed the face of Rock & Roll History, please read on.

The events that are about to be explained occurred in the years before the release of the Greatest Hits album by Bruce Springsteen as told by Uncle Tommy. Enjoy. (I have only been told the story a few times, so please bare with me)


The year was 1986… Uncle Tommy got his hands on some unreleased Bruce music. Since he was such a huge fan he managed to get his hands on virtually every song ever recorded by the Boss. On this specific tape he stumbled upon a little song by the name of Murder Incorporated.  So he got to listening and he instantly was drawn to the song. It had a guitar solo, a sax solo, a kickin’ drum beat; pure greatness.

There was only one problem with this tasty little diddy; Bruce had never released it on any of his albums, and worse yet he had never played it live. Despite these setbacks, Uncle Tommy was crazy, and he was determined to hear this song live.

In an attempt to get his song played, Uncle Tommy went to every Bruce concert in the Tri-State area. To this day, Uncle Tommy has seen over 150 shows, just to give you an idea of exactly how crazy he is. Once he heard Murder Incorporated he did his best to get it played by carrying a Murder Inc. sign to every show as well as writing Murder Inc. across his forehead.

Uncle Tommy continued these shananigans for many many years until one day all his signage paid off. A friend of Uncle Tommy had told him to go get the paper one day. He said how come, no (the typical Uncle Tommy attitude), but his friend said no you have to get the paper. He finally agreed and when he got the paper he found an article about Bruce’s release of the Greatest Hits album.

Explanation of Murder Incorporated making the album

Explanation of Murder Incorporated making the album

If you are having trouble reading this it states “For year’s there’s this guy that’s been following me around with a Murder Incorporated sign. I see him in the audience like every 5 shows. I have never played the song, ever in concert and would have no intent to do so, and yet this guy follows me around with the sign and flashes it during the entire show. So it was he who I had in mind when we put the song on the album.”

So that is the story of how Uncle Tommy changed Rock & Roll history. He got an unreleased, never before played song to be considered one of greatest in a long list of great hits written by The Boss, Bruce Springsteen. At the moment he read the article, I bet it was Uncle Tommy who felt that he was The Boss.

In a sidenote I tried to keep up the family legacy by bringing my own Murder Inc. sign to last nights concert at Giants Stadium. YOUR MESSIN’ WITH MURDERRRRRR INCORPORATED.

Murder Inc




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