Posted by: Tom Duch | October 14, 2009

This One’s for a Full PENNANT of Life

Round 1 of the baseball playoffs seemed to be over before it started, as we saw three sweeps in four series. The Yankees, Angels, and Dodgers all gave the sweeperoo to their opponents while the Phillies lost just once. Touchdown Tommy turned into Tommy Baseball in my last post, going a perfect 4-0 picking winners. I was not Mr. Perfect, although I did guess the right amount of games it would take the Yankees and Phillies to win their series. I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but simply put…I did work.

Round 2 features two tough matchups for the Pennants. The ALCS matches the only 100 game winner in the majors, the AL East Champion New York Yankees versus the inspired AL West Champion Los Angeles  California Angels of Anaheim/Albequerque/Azerbaijan/whatever else they want to call themselves. The NLCS is a rematch of last year, pitting the reigning World Champion Philadelphia Phillies against Joe Torre’s LA Dodgers. Some people are routing for a Yankees vs. Torre World Series, while others want to see an LA vs. LA final. Either way you slice it, the Phillies are reigning champs and they’re on the outside of most discussions. They should be right at the center because they got here fairly easily and it looks like they are just starting to hit their stride.


Yankees 4 – Angels 2 – The Yankees look like they can’t lose at home if they keep it close at the end of games and their 3 man rotation of Sabathia, Burnett, and Pettitte will do just that. Yanks win in 6, and I’m picking the over on 0.5 pies in the series.


Phillies 4 – Dodgers 1 – The Phillies look like the World Ph’in Champs of last year just in time. Grant it the bullpen holds up like it did against the Rockies, the Phils will be heading back to the promised land.

World Series trophy


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