Posted by: Tom Duch | December 9, 2009

My Drink and My 2 Points

Ron Artest has admitted to drinking heavily during halftime of games when he played with the Chicago Bulls. In a Sporting News interview, Artest said that he used to drink Hennessy in the locker room at halftime. So instead of hydrating with water or Gatorade like most players, Artest opted for the slightly less hydrating cognac.

Artest said that he would often walk to liquor stores during halftime and buy some Hennessy. I guess he pulled something similar to what Omar Gooding would do to get his drugs in the show Playmakers. But the difference here is that is a TV show. I can’t imagine other players, coaches, or security allowing Artest to step outside for some fresh air and not becoming suspicious when he walks back in with a brown paper bag.

This is not a Boston Red Sox situation here; this isn’t a bunch of teammates sitting around and taking a shot or two before a game to loosen up. This is one man walking back from a liquor store, facing a flask of Hennessy before he finishes playing a professional basketball game. Sure the Bulls were bad back then, but I’m pretty sure Elton Brand wasn’t slamming tequila during games.


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