Posted by: Tom Duch | December 11, 2009

Former Dragon Now Looking for UNION Job

I’m usually one to hype myself up but I can’t help but give props to a good friend of mine, Raymond Nedbal. Ray, Ray-Ray, StingRay, whatever you want to call him, Mr. Nedbal is a tremendous athlete. I once had an arguement with Ray about who was a better athlete. At 5′ 10″, 225 and an 8 minute mile on a good day (a very good day) I didn’t stand a chance in this arguement. A year later Ray has run the Philadelphia Marathon in 3 hours and 10 minutes and recently had a tremendous tryout for the Philadelphia Union team of the MLS.

In this article from The Examiner, you’ll find some insight on exactly how well Ray did at the tryout. For a guy who got limited play over his college career, making a professional team would be a huge victory for him and a big kick below the belt to his former coach. I know a thing or two about coaching Ray because he was a key member of Team Busch Lite, the reigning Drexel Men’s and Co-ed Intramural Soccer Champions, and a team I was the player-coach for last spring. I once benched Ray as well; it was a game we were up by 10 that he had already recorded the triple hat trick, but the message was sent. Ray looks to prove all those doubters wrong by making the Union.

I’m pulling for ya Raymundo… but that’s mostly because I get your season tickets when you make the team. Do work my friend, do work.


  1. Team Busch Lite’s successes could very well have been the final motivating factor contributing to Raymond’s pursuit of glory in the MLS.

  2. Hey big guy, don’t know whats funnier, that searching for Ray Nedbal sends me to this page… or that title.

    Hoping to get some face time over NYE, I’ll be in the area.

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