Posted by: Tom Duch | January 14, 2010

Home Cooking- Divisional Playoff Picks

The NFL moves into the divisional round this weekend beginning with the Cardinals vs. the Saints on Saturday and concluding with the Jets and Chargers in the late game Sunday. The top four teams are coming off byes which isn’t all good news. Just ask Peyton Manning and the Colts who have lost their last three playoff games after coming off the first round bye. Coach Rex Ryan of the Jets is already planning a championship parade but it will be a long hard road to the Canyon of Heroes in New York. It will be home sweet home in every game this week, with all the favorites winning. Here are the picks for round 2:

Cardinals @ Saints -7

The Cards survived last weeks shootout against the Packers but their road to repeat as NFC champions will end in the Big Easy. Kurt Warner will bid farewell to the NFL, but he’ll leave it all on the field. The Saints will light up the Cardinals defense for a second consecutive week and will go marching right back to their home turf the following week for the NFC championship. I have the Saints winning here and covering.

Ravens @ Colts -6.5

Manning’s Colts had the Ravens number earlier this season, winning  by a slim margin 17-15. Joe Flacco will have to throw more than 10 times to beat the Colts, and the fact is, the young quarterback won’t be able to take the team on his shoulders like Manning can. Colts win this one by a touchdown.

Cowboys @ Vikings -2.5

This was the toughest pick of this round for me. I have the Vikings in the Super Bowl so I’m going to have to pick them to beat the Boys. This should be the best game of the round, and I’m thinking it will come down to the last possession. If Favre gets it he will drive down the field and score. If Romo gets it, well, he won’t be able to get the job done like he hasn’t been able to over the past few years. Vikings cover here in a battle.

Jets @ Chargers -7

I love the confidence of Rex Ryan, and I love this defense. However, this one will come down to Mark Sanchez, and I don’t trust Franchez with the game on the line. The Chargers are the hottest team in football, riding an 11 game win streak into the playoffs. There’s a surprise every year in the playoffs and the Jets might surprise a lot of people Sunday. I like the Jets to cover here, but sorry Rex the run ends here.



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