Posted by: Tom Duch | January 29, 2010

Here Come’s the Sun Life

I found this article in the Sports Business Journal for one of my classes and had to write about it. Sad to say that Land Shark Stadium is no more. Because of the NFL’s deal with Coors and Land Shark being owned by Anheuser-Busch, the shark won’t be swimming anymore. Maybe it would’ve lasted if it was the Busch Light Bowl. Anyway sorry Jimmy Buffett, the beer just wasn’t that good anyway.

Here’s what I had to write for my class:

Sun Life Financial just inked a naming rights deal last Wednesday with what was formerly Land Shark Stadium, and it will pay dividends immediately, as the stadium will go through a rebranding process to be ready in time for the Pro Bowl. Sun Life’s deal was set for at least five years at a minimum of $5 mil per, not to mention the rebranding process that will run in the six figures. The deal however will get them immediate prime exposure for the Pro Bowl and the biggest stage in sports today, the Super Bowl.

All of the stadiums will not be completed in time, but Sun Life Stadium will be branded on both fixed and digital signs throughout and around the stadium. Not to mention the exposure on TV, radio, and Internet as the site of Super Bowl 44. Land Shark Stadium was only called that since May, but the NFL’s corporate sponsorship with Coors made it impossible for an Anheuser-Busch name to last (sorry Jimmy Buffett).

Sun Life is looking to get there name out there across the US. It is a Toronto based company that has its’ US headquarters in Boston. The article compared this deal to when Staples signed a naming rights deal out in LA. They are an eastern based company, but wanted to spread its’ name nationally. For Sun Life, there was no time better to make this deal then now. They are new to sports sponsorship, but I think they made a great move here that will get them great recognition and awareness.


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