Posted by: Tom Duch | February 16, 2010

“You gotta love sports”

I came across this pretty sweet sports site the other day, even sweeter than this one. The site is SportsFanLive. You can add your favorite teams or players and every morning you’ll get an e-mail with all the articles pertaining to them from papers and sources throughout the country.

For the Twitter’ers out there there is a whole tab dedicated to Twitter, which includes a link to an athlete page that shows tweets from every professional athlete in the US.

I’ve enjoyed the site, hope you all do too.



  1. Hi there,

    I recently came across your post and wanted to say thank you. I am proud of and excited for its future, but it’s because of fans like you that we have had a successful start.

    Thanks for all of your support!

    Founder and CEO,

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