Posted by: Tom Duch | February 23, 2010

Kornheiser in a Storm of trouble

Tony Kornheiser has been suspended by ESPN for comments he made about fellow ESPN personality, Hannah Storm. Making fun of Storm’s outfit on his radio show earned him a 2 week suspension according to the LA Times.

I hope for the sake of PTI, Kornheiser’s suspension won’t last long and ESPN will not seek do anything drastic with Kornheiser, who as everyone who has ever watched or listened to him, likes to joke around. I wouldn’t call these remarks sexual harassment, but ESPN has been strict in the past with former employees Harold Reynolds and Steve Phillips. As an avid PTI fan, I’ve heard Tony say much worse comments in the past, calling women hot or making sexual jokes about himself. Getting rid of Kornheiser, is that smart?



  1. Really funny. . . .

  2. Nice post. Keep on posting……..

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