Posted by: Tom Duch | March 16, 2010

National Beers Day Headlines 3-16

As most of you are probably aware, tomorrow on the 17th of March is St. Patrick’s Day, one of the biggest drinking holidays of them all.  What many of you probably do not know is that the day before on 3-16 is also quite the big drinking day to me and some of my associates. Thanks to Stone Cold Steve Austin, March 16th to me is known as National Beers Day. Mr. Austin threw down many of adult beverages in his time in the WWE over the years.

It may be Beers Day and St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, but this is a sports blog and there are a few big sporting news items that need to be addressed.

Tiger the green jacket’s yours, the field is gonna choke

Tiger Woods has announced his return to golf, and it will come when many predicted he would come back: in Augusta for the Masters.  Tiger’s first major championship came at Augusta way back in 1997 when he proved he was Master of his domain, winning by a record 12 strokes. He’s baaaaack!

Woody weary over ‘secret’ coin toss

Jets owner Woody Johnson showed some displeasure over a closed-door coin flip that decided which New York team would get the first game in the new billion dollar stadium in East Rutherford. After commish Roger Goodell flipped a coin in his office, it was decided that the Giants, not the Jets, would hold the first game in the stadium. Both teams will get to host an opener the same weekend, but the Giants have the pleasure of being the first. The G-Men open things up on Sunday while the Jets will host on Monday Night Football. I was never a fan of coin flips, and I have to agree with Woody on this one. It seemed like the Jets sort of got hosed a bit here.  How about they play each other on opening weekend, is it too late for that?

Madness Marching in

How could we forget that March Madness is upon us and the tournament will open up with first round action on Thursday afternoon. Make sure to fill out your Zeljko Rebrackets before then. Bracketology baby!




    courtesy of AMNN

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