Posted by: Tom Duch | April 11, 2010

Dallas Dynamics

“You just press this button right here and…BOOM!”

No John Madden did not actually say that, but I’m sure you could imagine those words being uttered by the legendary announcer in regards to the recent demolition of Texas Stadium. The Dallas Cowboys have already settled into their monstrous new stadium, which prompted the implosion of the old one.

Texas Stadium was reduced to rubble as over 20,000 fans watched from safe locations at the “final tailgate” party for the stadium.

The big winner in all of this excitement, 11 year old Casey Rogers, who won an essay contest to be able to hit the button that triggered the whole explosion. If I only knew, I would’ve submitted my essay months ago.  How great is it to be able to say that you were the guy who knocked down the historic stadium? And as a Giants fan, it would’ve been a great victory for Big Blue fans everywhere.


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