Posted by: Tom Duch | April 22, 2010

Mock and Roll

On the eve of the first ever NFL Draft in primetime, I figured that I needed a primetime analyst to help educate you about this year’s player pool. Mock draft stuff has been all over ESPN with Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay being shown on every show, giving their insight about anything and everything about Thursday’s first round. Well my guy has better hair than Kiper and he’s got the silky smooth touch that McShay will never possess. All this guy does is work out and create mock drafts. His name is Matthew Jamal Tuohy, and he holds the Guinness World Record for most consecutive hours watching a draft while only getting up to go to the fridge. Is there a draft in here?

Tuohy’s 2010 1st Annual Mocktacular

1. Rams: Sam Bradford QB

In order for this franchise to start taking steps forward they need to add a franchise quarterback and that is exactly what they opt for this year.

2. Lions: Ndamukong Suh DT

The Lions could take an OT here to protect Matt Stafford but they bring in the best player in the draft and give new head coach Jim Schwartz a similar defensive presence to what Schwartz had with Albert Haynesworth in Tennessee.

3. Bucs: Gerald McCoy DT

The Bucs really need to bring in a playmaker for their d-line and McCoy will come in and immediately draw comparisons to Warren Sapp. The bucs used the 4th overall pick 2 years ago on Gaines Adams but that did not work out and they are still looking for a playmaker on the d-line.

4. Redskins: Trent Williams OT

A lot of people think that Okung in the #1 OT but Williams is more athletic and fits the Redskins zone blocking scheme better. Shanahan gets a tackle similar to Ryan Clady, a 1st round OT he took in Denver and had lots of success with.

5. Chiefs:  Russel Okung OT

OT is a huge need for the Chiefs and they get possibly the best OT in the draft here, this also allows Brandon Albert to move from LT to RT, a position his is more comfortable with.

6. Seahawks: Brian Bulaga OT

The run on tackles continue as the Seahawks select Bulaga. The Seahawks are in a similar position as the Redskins as the too have lost long time LT Walter Jones and need a replacement. Other options here could be CJ Spiller, or Eric Berry.

7. Browns: Eric Berry DB

There are a lot of people who think Berry is a top 5 talent but with all the money that comes with those picks these days it is tough to justify paying that to a safety. The Browns have entered rebuilding mode so I think they go best player available. They have a lot of picks to play with this year and plenty of holes to fill; other possible picks include Joe Haden, and Derrick Morgan.

8. Raiders: Anthony Davis OT

The Raiders really need an OT and finally make a pick that has some logic behind it. Also look for Bruce Campbell and Jason Pierre-Paul who both did well in the combine.

9. Bills: Jimmy Clausen QB

I think the Bills will opt to take their franchise signal caller here rather than take an o-lineman just based on the way the first 8 picks went. If Bulge or Williams were to fall here I would have no problem with the Bills taking one of them and leaving Clausen on the board.

10.  Jaguars: CJ Spiller RB

The Jaguars team Spiller with MJD to improve their offense. Their pass rush was terrible last year netting only 14 sacks so Derrick Morgan will also be considered here. I think Morgan would be the better pick.

11.  Broncos: Rolando McLain LB

The Broncos take McClain here to help out their D, they also need a WR but plenty will be available when they pick in round 2 like Damian Williams, Golden Tate, or Garrulous Benn.

12.  Dolphins: Dan Williams NT

The other likely decision here would be Sergio Kindle to upgrade their Lob’s but Williams will come in an provide great talent at NT where the team will be without Jason Ferguson for the first 8 games because of a suspension.

13.  49ers: Joe Haden CB

The 49ers get great value here with Haden, who 2 months ago was thought to be a lock to be picked in the top 10.

14.  Seahawks: Dez Bryant WR

The Seahawks tried to trade for Brandon Marshall earlier in free agency but were unable to get the WR, so they make up for that with another troubled but potentially as talented WR.

15.  Giants: Derrick Morgan DE

The Giants miss out on McClain but get lucky when Morgan falls to them by way of the Jaguars opting for CJ Spiller. The Giants ranked 14th and 15th in pass and run defense last year and Morgan will help them out with both.

16.  Titans: Jason Pierre-Paul DE

The Titans will either go DE or CB here as their pass defense was 31st last year. After losing Kyle Vandenbosch (spelled wrong) in free agency they will go with Pierre-Paul to help their pass rush.

17.  49ers: Mike Iupati G/T

The 49ers need to leave the 1st round with a tackle and Iupati can play right tackle allowing Joe Staley to stay on the left side.

18.  Steelers: Maurkice Pouncey C/G

The Steelers o-line needs to add another starter and they get a player in Pouncey that can play either Center or Guard and is, as Peter King puts it, a “plug and play” player where whichever team drafts him will be able to play him starting day 1 and not have to worry about his position for the next 10 years.

19.  Falcons: Brandon Graham DE

The Falcons need to get better against the pass and the addition of Dunta Robinson in free agency allows them to go d-line here. Graham has top intangibles and a non-stop motor according to Jim Tuohy who has been watching Graham for the past two years. The praise alone by Jim is enough to get a prospect noticed but Graham also has the numbers to back this up while finishing 2nd in college football in tackles for a loss.

20.  Texans: Kyle Wilson CB

The Texans need to find a replacement for Dunta Robinson so they go with Wilson who could develop to be the best CB in this draft.

21.  Bengals: Earl Thomas S

The Bengals really need a TE but Thomas is too good of a player to pass up, they could potentially grab Rob Gronkowski or Dorin Dickerson as their TE in round 2.

22.  Patriots: Jermaine Gresham TE

The Pats only TE is  Alge Crumpler right now, they get lucky with the Bengals passing on Gresham.

23.  Packers: Sergio Kindle LB

The Packers need help in their pass defense and will line Kindle up opposite of Clay Matthews in their 3-4. Other options here could be a CB like Kareem Jackson.

24.  Philadelphia:  Kareem Jackson CB

The Eagles could go with Taylor Mays also but either way their secondary needs an upgrade. There is also a good chance the Eagles will look to trade up to get Earl Thomas or a DE like Derrick Morgan.

25.  Ravens: Jared Odrick DE

The Ravens need to add depth so they take Odrick who will end up being their 5 technique in the 3-4.

26.  Cardinals: Bruce Cambell OT

The Cardinals need help at tackle so they take Cambell here as long as the Raiders don’t take him at 8 due to his combine numbers.

27.  Cowboys: Taylor Mays

The Cowboys really need a Safety and would be very lucky if Mays falls to them. The Cowboys much like the Eagles will try to trade up for a chance to take Earl Thomas or one of the better OT’s.

28.  Chargers: Ryan Matthew RB

The Chargers need a replacement for LT and get a very good RB late.

29.  Jets: Everson Griffen DE

This is the pick if Odrick and Mays are off the board,. I don’t think the Jets are in love with Griffen so they may try and trade down into the 2nd round to take a DE or safety like Nate Allen, Linval Joseph, or Tyson Aluah.

30.  Vikings: Devin Mcourtey CB

The Vikings need another CB, that’s all.

31.  Colts: Charles Brown OT

The Colts find their lineman who will start out on the right and after a couple years may be good enough to move to LT.

32.  Saints: Sean Wheatherspoon LB

The Saints need to get faster on defense and also add a replacement for Scott Fujita.

Mock…..YEA!…..Draft….YEA!!….YEA, YEA!!


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