Posted by: Tom Duch | May 18, 2010

Finally Got His Piece of the Pie

The Yankees won a thriller last night against the Red Sox, smacking two HRs off Papelbum in the 9th to win the game 11-9.

After an A-Bomb for A-Rod, Marcus Thames (pronounced Timms) provided the walk-off tater to earn his pie-ing.

Now the question for Michael Kay and John Sterling, what catchy phrase are you going to come up with for the next Thames jack?  There’s the A-Bomb, a Tex message for Teixeira, Jorgy Juicing one, Whadda ya know Robby Cano, but what’s on deck for Thames.  It’s a tough one but I have some ideas:

  • Some In-THAME-idation from Marcus
  • It was the worst of times, it was the best of THAMES!*
  • * Or simply “the best of THAMES”- gotta love those Styx shout outs
  • Snap into a Slim-THAME
  • A THAME-ultuous shot by Marcus
  • All the way to the Catskill Moun-THAMES/ or just Moun-THAME man
  • Homerun by Thames- the river runs wild (this is when you know I’m getting out of hand with a Thames River reference)
  • Marcus mashed one

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