Posted by: Tom Duch | May 24, 2010

2010 NFL Draft Duchisms

A bit of a delay, but there were some good nicknames that could not be passed up for Chris Berman to steal next season. Here is the list of the best Duchisms from the 2010 NFL Draft. Enjoy, and leave some feedback on favorites.

Round 1

Ndamukong “SUH you think you can dance”

Gerald “MCCOY r us”—toying with opposing O linemen

Eric “BERRY nice!”- in my best Borat voice

CJ Spiller- cause this is SPILLER, SPILLER night (to the tune of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. He he)

Brandon “battering GRAHAM”

Jason Pierre-Paul- you down with JPP

Mike “IUPATI mouth” / “silly IUPATI”

Bryan “baby BULAGA in the deep blue sea”

Tim “TEBOW and arrow”

Round 2

Brian Price- the Price is Right—come on down

Arrelious “I’ve BENN everywhere man” / can you guard Benn? “get ARRELIOUS”

“KOA constrictor” Misi

“TORELL me something good” Troup

Zane BEADLES- It’s been a hard days night (or insert pretty much any famous Beatles song here) / “Have you ever seen the ZANE?”

Linval “jesus, mary, and JOSEPH!”

Ben “blind TATE”

Terrance “morse CODY”

Vlad “du DUCASSE du hast mich”- remember that infamous Ramstein song?

Round 3

“AMARI’d with children” Spievey

Jon ASAMOAH- everybody’s favorite Girl Scout cookies

Colt McCoy- Bartender, COLT 45

Brandon “aint nothing but a GHEE thing” / “GHEE whiz”

Rennie “CURRAN CURRAN”- is hungry like a wolf


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