Posted by: Tom Duch | June 3, 2010

A Perfect Plan

Like all teams in the MLB, the Florida Marlins sell tickets to their games to generate revenue.  The difference between the Marlins and other ball clubs however is that they are selling tickets to a game that has already happened.  After Roy Halladay’s perfect game on Saturday, the Marlins remained with thousands of leftover tickets from the historic performance.

In an attempt to make an extra buck, Florida is selling the unused tickets at face value.  In the first 5 hours of this little garage sale, the Marlins sold 3,500 unused tickets.  They are a regular bargain, with most tickets selling for around $25.  The Marlins plan on continuing to sell these tickets throughout the regular season, and there are still plenty available after only 25,000 showed up (just over 38,500 capacity) to see Halladay go 27 up 27 down.  The above video link goes into more detail.

Even if you didn’t attend Halladay’s historic game, you could still pretend that you did.  One day when you’re an old man left with nothing but your stories, having one about attending a perfect game is a good tale to have in your arsenal.  As you might have guessed, I am considering purchasing just for this purpose.  Hey, I might not get to actually see the game, but according to my stub and to ticket sales, I was there and I witnessed history.


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