Posted by: Tom Duch | September 29, 2010

I had a few CHAMPAGNE’s, what of it!?

If you watched TV yesterday or today, you probably saw a couple of guys, sitting, laughing, drinking champagne coolies. I’m not talking about Jerry Seinfeld and the Wigmaster, I’m talking about the Yankees, Rays, and Reds.

On Tuesday, all three teams clinched a spot in this years’ playoffs, sparking wild champagne celebrations in the locker rooms. For the Reds it had been 15 years since since they last showered in the magical elixir, while the Rays had several celebrations just two years ago on their way to the World Series, and the Yankees had the ultimate celebration after winning their 27th World Championship.

The excitement of a champagne celebration after making the playoffs has got to be an awesome feeling (especially for teams like the Reds), but there is nothing like breaking out the bubbly after winning a championship.

In 2009, Team B Lite dominated the Drexel Intramural soccer circuit on our way to both a men’s and co-ed championship. Following the victories in the finals, we took part in a wild champagne celebration. Let me tell you, that Andre never tasted better. I can only imagine how great it must feel to celebrate with more expensive booze… and lots more of it.

Shown below is the video of the Reds celebration after clinching the NL Central. The division title for Cincy gives Dusty Baker’s fourth division championship with three different teams. In the video is an ecstatic Dusty being doused with Corbel and Bud heavy’s.


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