Posted by: Tom Duch | October 13, 2010

Championship Series Picks

"Hey ginga balls!"

Rangers win first postseason series in franchise history, get rewarded with matchup against Yankees

After another dominant Cliff Lee postseason performance, the Rangers now move on to face the Yankees with a trip to the World Series on the line. The Rangers outlasted the Rays in the only series that went the distance, winning game 5 at Tropicana Field to win the series 3-2.

The series marked a couple of firsts for the Rangers and the MLB. Their 5-1 victory gave Texas their first ever playoff series victory, thus putting putting them in the ALCS for the first time ever.  The series also featured a first in baseball, as the away team won every game in the series.

The series also marked the first non-alcoholic celebration we’ve seen this year, or perhaps any other year. We’ve all heard about Josh Hamilton’s past that was ridden with drugs and alcohol. Hamilton did not want to partake in the heavy boozing, so being the good teammates that they are, the rest of the Rangers doused him with ginger ale instead. I thought they used a lot of champagne, but I’ll tell you I’ve never seen so much Canada Dry in my life.

So now the Yankees are up next, the reigning World Champion Yankees. And since Cliff Lee just pitched game 5, the Yankees most likely won’t have to see him until game 3. By that point the Rangers might be long out of it with CJ Wilson and Colby Lewis being matched up against CC Sabathia and baseball’s all-time winningest playoff pitcher, Andy Pettitte.

Giants look to slay the NL’s giant, the 2-time defending NL Champion Phillies

While the Phillies were easily sweeping past the Reds, the Giants were involved in nothing but barn-burners in their series against the Braves. The Phils 3-0 sweep was highlighted by Roy Halladay’s no-no; just the second no-hitter in the history of the postseason.  The day after Halladay’s brilliant outing, Tim Lincecum showed off his brilliance by striking out 14 and allowing just two hits in a 1-0 complete game victory.

The Phillies have the experience, the pitching, the hitting….the Phillies have it all.  Meanwhile the Giants lack the playoff experience, but do possess arguably just as good of a big three as the Phils. For the Giants, every game in their divisional series matchup was decided by one run. If they want to come out on top and win the pennant, they may need to give their pitchers a bit more run support.  Great pitching, great defense, timely hitting, and a young leader named Buster; the Giants will need all of these things in the NLCS if they want to get back to the World Series for the first time since 2002.

The Predictions:

In the last week of the regular season I made my predictions of the first round matchups as well as my World Series pick. I successfully picked 3 out of the 4 winners in the first round and both of my WS picks are still intact.  The Phils look like the team to beat once again, but I’m sticking with my original pick:

Yankees over Rangers, 4-1

Giants over Phillies, 4-3

The Yankees are who we thought they were and will cruise past Texas and back into the World Series. The Giants get the nod here on a pick that was strictly based on the fact that Brian Wilson beats Jason Werth in a beard contest.




  1. phillies do quick work SF and i think they take the yankees in six…

    It is a sweet beard though…

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