Posted by: Tom Duch | October 26, 2010

The Giants Won the Pennant!… And now the World Series

Sadly another MLB season has come down to its final series. On Wednesday night in San Francisco, the Rangers visit the Giants with a World Series title on the line. My Yankees let me down, but the Rangers were clearly the better team in the ALCS. As per the Duchism prediction last week, the Giants did move on past the Phillies to get back to the World Series for the first time since Barry got them there in 2002.

The Rangers have been tearing the cover off the ball and have gotten quality starts from their pitching staff. The Giants have narrowly edged out the Phils and Braves while getting equally good pitching from their staff. It should be a great series, one that might go the distance. It all starts Wednesday with a dream matchup pitting Tim Lincecum against Cliff Lee.


Giants 4 – Rangers 3

MVP- Brian Wilson

2010 has been referred to as the year of the pitcher, so why wouldn’t the best pitching team win it all. The Giants finished first in team ERA, opponents batting average, strikeouts, and saves in the regular season. In the postseason their pitching has been equally as superb. Their closer Brian Wilson has five saves through his teams’ first ten playoff games, and is ready for the “delicious” series against Texas. I’m going to go ahead and pick Wilson for World Series MVP, saving all 4 games, probably even a couple 1+ inning jobs. Fear the Beard!

Same name, similar beard, and now like the Beach Boy before him, world famous. Nothing but good vibrations for San Fran.



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