Posted by: Tom Duch | November 3, 2010

That’s got a nice RING to it

Unless you’ve won a professional sports championship (or you’re Bengie Molina), you won’t be getting a championship ring any time soon. That sad truth is about to change thanks to Ron Artest.

Last June when the Lakers won their second consecutive NBA championship, Artest won his first ring. Well apparently Ron Ron does not share in every players’ dream of winning the crown jewel of pro sports. Artest has chosen to auction off his championship ring to help benefit youth mental health.

Originally slated to be auctioned off, Artest has decided to create a raffle to give away the bling.  On his website, you can buy a raffle ticket for just $2! You have to buy a minimum of 5 tickets, but imagine owning an NBA championship ring for 10 bucks.

Not only do you get the ring, but you also win a trip to LA to meet Ron along with tickets to a game; all expenses paid. The raffle ends Christmas eve and the winner will be drawn on Christmas day. To the winner of that ring, Merry Christmas ya filthy animal.

Check out the intensity of the ring being made HERE.


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