Posted by: Tom Duch | November 4, 2010

It’s the end for NastraTHOMAS

Jimmy Johnson on Survivor

For only the second time in my life, I participated in a Survivor Pick’em league this season. My first go around didn’t work out so well, picking Dallas the year they played the expansion Texans in week 1 (we all know how that turned out), but I went on a good run this year.

After making it all the way to Week 8, I was eliminated when the Jets were shutout at home against the Pack. But that’s not to say there were some fireworks. After starting with 22 participants, it was down to just 3 in Week 8. I had the Jets, one guy had the Chiefs, and some dumb dumb took the Cowboys.

The Cowboys were demolished by David Garrard and Sanchez and the Jets couldn’t sniff the endzone. So with two teams down, it was up to the Bills to win (meaning everyone was eliminated) to force another week. They had a shot, tying the game in the final minute to force OT then driving into Chiefs territory to set up a game-winning Rian Lindell field goal. HOweva…he missed it, and Succop hit the game winner with no time left on the clock to win it for KC, and lose it for Duchisms.

So close, yet so far. I was all ready to sing like Beyonce and buy all kinds of useless junk with my winnings (WOOOOO!!), but instead I just sat there cursing the BILLS SPECIAL TEAMS.


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