Posted by: Tom Duch | December 23, 2010

F-E-E-T, Feet Feet Feet

I don’t know what it is with the Jets this year, but they can’t help but make headlines and draw media attention. They started the year with Hard Knocks, and other than everyone’s favorite segment of Cromartie forgetting his kids’ names, the show did draw some negative attention to the team. Case in point, the whole Rex Ryan swearing segment. I hope you’ve been clicking these links because if you haven’t seen these clips you need to. Especially THIS one, which comes from HBO’s 24/7 from Capitals coach, Bruce Boudreau. I think that could take some heat off Ryan, who looks like a nun compared to this guy. But that heat was only off for so long……….

The newest Jets scandal has to do with Rex Ryan’s foot fetish. “Can I smell them?” Yes that’s what Ryan says in the VIDEO in which he is creepily loving his wife’s feet. First Ines Sainz (and honestly how can she defend the outfit she wore while strutting around in that promiscuous looking shirt), then Jenn Sterger, then the whole tripping incident with the strength coach.

I see a pattern here and it involves supermodels. Sainz and Sterger are obvious, Rex claims his wife is one, so by process of elimination, Nolan Carroll (Dolphin tripped by strength coach) must be a supermodel. Good looking women, and Nolan Carroll looking dudes, stay away from the Jets. You were warned.



  1. Tom Landry is turning over in his grave.

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