Posted by: Tom Duch | December 27, 2010

Dutch Oven Report 2010

The weather outside is frightful so what better to do than throw some coal in the Dutch Oven. The hot stove was burning up through the month in the MLB, so if you had any Christmas cards returned to you it’s probably because of all the address changing that went on. Here’s a recap of what happened in December:

The stove nearly lit on fire when the month opened with Nelson Figueroa returning to the Astros! Well maybe not, but it kicked off a ton of moves throughout the league.

Dominic Adam the Donkey

Adam Dunn is on the move after two season in Washington DC. The Donkey will head to Chicago after two straight 38 homerun seasons. He adds a huge power punch to go along with Paul Konerko (39 HR, 111 RBI).

Yo Adrian/Carl, So Good to See You

In the biggest trade of December, the Red Sox gave up three big-time prospects to attain Adrian Gonzalez from the Padres. Gonzo has hit 30 homers in each of the past four seasons, adding a huge lefty bat to their lineup. This could pose some trouble to the Yanks.

What will cause even more trouble will be the signing of Carl Crawford, who stays in the AL East after getting rich with a 7 year $142 million contract. Another difficult lefty bat to get out, a pest on the bases, and a gold glover. Well, all I can say is, he better watch out for Greg Golson.

The Rated R Ballplayer

Edge, I mean Jayson Werth, cashed in big with a 7 year, 126 milion contract. That includes performance bonuses including title victories and hardcore matches fought in. Werth was a great player in Philly, but we’ll see how great he really is when he’s not hitting behind Ryan Howard as the feature bat in the Nationals lineup.

Four Horsemen

Sticking with the Phillies, and the wrestling references, perhaps the biggest free agent fish landed in Philadelphia. Cliff Lee took less money to go to a place where he thought he would spend his entire career when he went there the first time. After suffering losses in the past two World Series, Lee chose Philly, where he believed was the best place for him to try and win one.

The Phils now have a rotation that would make the horsemen uneasy. The leagues best rotation will be made up of 3 former Cy Young winners, a World Series MVP, and 3 silly names: Clifton Phifer Lee, Harry Leroy Halladay, Colbert Richard Hamels, and Roy Edward Oswalt.

Other Big Names on the Move

  • Zack Greinke & Shaun Marcum join the Brewers rotation
  • Orioles lost All-Star Ty Wigginton to the Rockies, but dealt for the homerun hitting, strike out swinging, Mark Reynolds
  • Cubs add big homerun bat with Carlos Pena
  • Godzilla (Hideki Matsui) still a California gurl, signing with Athletics. Later joined by Josh Willingham

Check out a quick recap of every move HERE. And stay tuned for the Yankees edition of Dutch Ovenizing, coming soon to a computer near you.


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