Posted by: Tom Duch | January 5, 2011

Meet the LOCKER

If you’ve been watching the college bowls, you’ve probably heard a lot about Jake Locker and his draft stock recently. The Lock’s stock is still very high, despite a very sub par year for the Washington Huskies. Some analysts are predicting him to go in the first round, as he is still in top 5 QB in most people’s eyes.

As QB’s like Andrew Luck and Andy Dalton have shown improvement throughout the year and have improved their stock in big bowl wins, Jake’s stock has become The Hurt LOCKER. Locker did lead the Huskies to an upset win over 18th ranked Nebraska in the Holiday Bowl, but his numbers were not one that a first round QB should have put up, or ones that you can even consider helped lead his team to victory. He did rush for 83 yards and a TD, but he only went 5-16 for 56 yards. Talk about managing a game.

Before the year, Mel Kiper had Locker as the #1 player on his big board; now, not so much. Here is a list of some of Locker’s memorable games of the year-

vs. Nebraska: 4-20, 71 yds, 1TD 2INTs

vs. Stanford: 7-14, 64 yds, 0TD 2INTs

Vs. Oregon: Did Not Play- was it caused by the broken rib or because he is in fact not good?

Vs. UCLA: 10-21, 68yds, 0TD 1INT

Locker did show some signs of his brilliance, but more often he would show signs of being that Ryan Leaf-like bust. We will have to wait to find out who will take the chance on him at the draft. I was never one to believe in upside, but soon enough we will find out who does.

And for the record…he kisses his mom on the lips. GOOOOOO!!


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