Posted by: Tom Duch | January 5, 2011

Ooh Baby it’s a Wild Card (Saturday)

The soothing sounds of Cat Stevens might not be playing on Wild Card Weekend (WCW*), but I’ll bet you you’ll hear a little Paul McCartney, some Meatloaf, and for all us Giants fans sakes, absolutely no Fly Eagles Fly.

(*Since it no longer exists, I am going to take the initiative and say that from this moment forth, the first weekend of the NFL playoffs will be known as WCW. With each coin flip being done by a WCW legend of course. Ric Flair, Goldberg, Diamond Dallas Page, La Parka!!)

Just like it’s every young girls dream to raise a piece of jewelery out of that light blue Tiffany’s box, it’s every NFL players dream to raise up that Tiffany’s championship trophy. Another group of men will get that chance come February at the Super Bowl, but first, we start with round one this weekend.

SAINT no doubt about it

Yes New Orleans was doubly blessed when they drew the Seahawks in round one. The defending champs will cruise past Seattle then head to Chi-town next week where they’ll keep rolling right back to the NFC Championship game.

The Pick: Saints win and cover the 10.5 spread…convincingly

Leavin’ on a JET plane

The Jets will be traveling to Indy, but they won’t be leaving just yet from this year’s playoffs. It’s McCartney time once again so warm up those vocals Paul; or maybe you like the Who, a little You Better You Better You JET. Whoever you listen to, even if it’s that garbage band Jet, New York will rise to the occasion (unlike Favre during his Jet days) and beat Peyton and the Colts.

Last year the Jets snuck up on some teams and made it all the way to the AFC Championship. This year they haven’t snuck up on anyone, as they appeared on Hard Knocks, have had their head coach has run his mouth all year, and have had other people run their mouths about all the conspiracies involved with the team. This is the time of year where the Jets need to back up all the talk and shut everyone up with some wins and a spot in another conference championship game. If not, Rex will be going home to his wife’s feet; not that he’ll mind that though.

The Pick: Jets +2.5, I’ll take them in a win.

Then risk can give another one of these to all the Jets’ critics. Give them a God Damn Snack!


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