Posted by: Tom Duch | January 13, 2011

A is for apple, B is for Baltimore

Wild Card Weekend sure was wild last week. It all got started with an upset no one saw coming when the Seahawks did the unthinkable and beat the defending champs. Marshawn Lynch’s run sealed it late, and was called the greatest playoff run of all-time by some. Matt Hasselbeck was filthy, throwing for 4 scores in the humongous upset victory.

The excitement continued that night when Nick Folk kicked the game-winning field goal as time expired to send the Jets to Foxboro next week for the rubber match against the Patriots. Adam Vinatieri has been so clutch throughout his career, but this time Folk got the last laugh as a big Cromartie return and some good throws from Sanchez put them in position for Folk to nail the game-winner.

The weekend continued when the Ravens trounced the Chiefs in what I thought would be a close game. The Ravens D made big plays all day, and don’t worry about the short week, they were only on the field for 18 minutes against the CHEFS.

Rounding out the first round was another great game between the Packers and Eagles. Michael Vick had a chance to win in for the Eagles at the end, but thankfully he came up short, and the Eagles were eliminated. The question is what was longer for Aaron Rodgers, waiting for that last Philly drive to end, or waiting to be drafted years back.

Well now I know why I haven’t bet this year…because I’m terrible at picking with the spread. I was 50% though, which is good by some betters standards, but not for me. I picked 3 winners correctly, and most importantly, my Super Bowl pick is still intact.

This weeks picks:

Ravens over Steelers

Falcons over Packers

Bears over Seahawks

Patriots over Jets

I have all winners covering their respective spread, and all home teams winning except for my Super Bowl pick… The BALTIMORE RAVENS.

Last week only one home team won, and surprisingly it was the Seahawks. This week I believe the home teams are the better teams, but who knows after last week. After all, who wouldn’t want to see Seattle host the NFC Championship against Green Bay.

Now that the smoke has cleared from the opening weekend of the playoffs and the future is a bit more clear, here is my Super Bowl pick:

Ravens over Falcons

Last year I picked 3 out of 4 winners in the first two weeks of the playoffs then picked one SB team correctly, my original pick of Colts vs Vikings.

This year I entered a playoff pool and picked Ravens over Falcons on my entry. I hope this year my pick doesn’t fall through like Favre did for me last year, especially since the money is on the line this time around. The only F word I want to be saying is Flacco.


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