Posted by: Tom Duch | January 14, 2011

What a Relief…or maybe not

In case you haven’t heard the news, the Yankees recently acquired former closer Rafael Soriano from the Rays. I say former, because everyone knows the closer role in New York belongs to the Sandman, Mariano Rivera. So is the American League’s leading saves man worth $35 mil over three years and a first round pick?

I like it; I mean he’s coming off a great year, the Yanks will groom him for the closer’s role in the future after Mo is gone, he will became the Yanks shutdown 8th inning guy, and I don’t have to use the word Joba.

But what do other Yankees fans think? Apparently not everyone likes the move, as you will see below from the Twitter conversation between two huge Yanks fans, the move doesn’t go together like lamb and tuna fish.

If you notice in the text below, ajB real attempts to change the subject and move onto a Jersey Shore thread, every New Jerseyans favorite thing to do on a Thursday. However that didn’t take and the argument continued.

And make sure to read to the end, where you’ll find that BigShotDom, much like Big Shot Rob Horry, is not relevant until the final seconds where he hits the game-winner. A Duchisms first, but just one of many battles between the Kat and ajb.

KatManDu316 Nick Gaetano

i’m all for strengthening a strength, but $35 million for a reliever eeeeeshhh #NYY


ajB_real Adam Baral

@KatManDu316 nothing means less to the yankees than draft picks


KatManDu316 Nick Gaetano

@ajb_real thats the problem, not a good philosophy. no other sport do teams give away 1st rounders like the yanks just did – for a reliever!


ajB_real Adam Baral

@KatManDu316 what do other sports matter? apples &oranges. yankees have not been concerned with draft pics for a while, doesnt seem to hurt


ajB_real Adam Baral

what the hell is the point of the tshirt store? let them party all day #jerseyshore


KatManDu316 Nick Gaetano

@ajb_real in a year like this where they didn’t land a FA it will catch up to them. will be wishing they had more homegrown SP. cust kayin’


ajB_real Adam Baral

@KatManDu316 until the system is changed, and it wont be, the draft means very little to big market teams


KatManDu316 Nick Gaetano

wouldnt go there, championship teams develop&win w/ their core RT @ajB_real until system changed draft means very little to big market teams


ajB_real Adam Baral

@KatManDu316 sf are homegrown, i think u can admit they came out of nowhere. boston, ny, phil, texas not built with a majority of high picks


ajB_real Adam Baral

@katmandu316 teams that use draft: min, tb etc, good for a period of time, no rings to show for it


KatManDu316 Nick Gaetano

@ajB_real San Fran and Philly politely disagree with you


ajB_real Adam Baral

@KatManDu316 sf was certainly flukey, if not a fluke. phl has cole and chase. howard 5th rnd, victrorino rule 5…


ajB_real Adam Baral

@katmandu316 halladay, lee, oswalt, werth, lidge…fruits of labor of a big market club


KatManDu316 Nick Gaetano

@ajb_real @real_mikeysmith San Fran no fluke 4 SP w/ plus stuff and Posey. the phillies who dominated last 5 yrs in NL w/ majority homegrown


KatManDu316 Nick Gaetano


@ajb_real @real_mikeysmith in a deep draft like this years class, not worth to commit 3/35 & 1st rd pick to ur rival 4 oft injured reliever.


BigShotDom32 Dom Rello

@KatManDu316 relax. 4 wat NYY lost in a 1st round pick this offseason they made up for by signing an overall #1 pick. #mlbdraftdoesntmatter


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