Posted by: Tom Duch | January 20, 2011

Bern Notice

I really hope the Berney continues to grow and snowball into a worldwide phenomenon like its forefather, the Dougie.I knew I should have blogged on this sooner, as my tweet to Erin Andrews didn’t quite make it to ESPN:

duchisms Thomas Duch

@ErinAndrews @CMonManEspn i’m still waiting for someone to pull out the berney

Thanks for letting me down Andrews, but anywho, let’s look at the positives as to why the Berney will become the next big thing:

A. It’s a better dance than the Dougie

B. It honors a major character in cinematic history, Bernie Lomax, the namesake of the movie Weekend at Bernie’s

C. That was a real good film and deserves some credit

Last weekend in the NFL, I noticed the first Berney by a professional athlete during the Ravens-Steelers game. After his first quarter TD, Ray Rice taught people how to Berney in front of a nationally televised audience. We’re not talking some weak Dougie-ing like Drew Stanton, Rice was nice with his endzone dance. Unfortunately for the Ravens, much like movie Bernie, they were dead after the first 30 minutes.

John Wall, Braylon Edwards, Stanton and many others enjoy a Dougie from time to time, but let’s hope even more become Bernie guys. The epidemic has spread to this youngster below. I guarantee this little guy has never heard Bernie Lomax, Bernie Williams, or Bernard Berrian (well maybe B Twice), but man oh man can this kid dance the Berney.


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