Posted by: Tom Duch | January 27, 2011

Best Super Bowl Commercials- 2005

Every year a Super Bowl is played, and even if that game is boring, the next day at the water cooler there is something to talk about… the commercials.

Ten years ago commercials ran you about $2.1 million for a 30 second spot during the Super Bowl. That number has gone up in 8-10 years over the past decade, with last year being one of the exceptions as the price decreased for the first time in six years. (Last year’s price tag was $2.7 mil)

I found this great website with all of the best commercials dating back to 1998 as well as some of the all-time greats like the Larry Legend/MJ throwdown and the Mean Joe Coke classic. Leading up to the Super Bowl, I’d like to share my opinions on what the best commercials were.

I have separated it into two categories: All-Around and Funny. The all-around ones are just cool commercials that aren’t exactly knee-slappers but were some of the better ads out there without using the most memorable characteristic in most people’s eyes, comedy.

Non Knee-Slappers:

3. MacGyver Mastercard

2. ESPN Mobile

1. Bud Heavy crowd pour

“Oh my god that is funny!”

3. I could’ve gone with the Bud Light rotating fridge one, but to limit it to one Bud ad I’ll choose the Sprint crime deterrent. Other Sprint ringtone one wasn’t bad either.

2. Bud Light’s hidden in office

1. CareerBuilder Monkeys


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