Posted by: Tom Duch | January 27, 2011

Roger Goodell, Come on down!

In the NFL, the league and the players association are working hard to try and agree on a new CBA for next season. If an agreement is not made, there will be a lockout which means that Sundays will be revolutionized as we know it. Lives will change with the loss of fantasy football, and tailgating will be reduced to church parking lots before Sunday mass (I actually love this idea and am in the works to set up a meeting with his holiness, the Pope).

Roger Goodell is working hard to try and work out an agreement with the players association, but DeMaurice Smith would rather be like that jerk on Price is Right who always tries to undercut you by a dollar.

Roger Goodell stated that if there is a work stoppage in the NFL he will cut his yearly salary to $1. Goodell earns $10 mil a year, so this is a huge gesture in showing that he wants to work out a deal.

Then DeMaurice Smith comes out an tweets this:

DeSmithNFLPA DeMaurice Smith
NFL executives reducing salaries in the event of a lockout? If we have a deal by Super Bowl, I’ll go down to 68 cents
In some kind of sick, twisted, Drew Carey era Price is Right rules, DeMaurice Smith undercut Goodell’s dollar bid and said he would go down to 68 cents if there wasn’t a deal by Super Bowl. First off De, you know as well as everybody else there’s no way an agreement will be reached by then. Second, according to Price is Right rules section 1 clause 2, bids must be made in dollar increments or decrements.
Lastly, what on earth can you even buy with 68 cents? I mean, at least for a dollar you could hit up the dollar menu at a fast food place and pick up a delicious burger. Or if your thirsty, you could enjoy the greatest drink ever made, the Arnold Palmer. Work it out gentlemen; if you team up and get this thing settled maybe you can even split the showcase.

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