Posted by: Tom Duch | February 4, 2011

Pettitte hands in the pinstripes

The legendary Pettitte stare

When Andy Pettitte announced his retirement this week the Yankees lost a lot. They lost one of the core four from the past decade (along with Jeter, Posada & Rivera), they lost the all-time postseason wins leader, and they lost a key member of their rotation

Andy has an ML record 19 career postseason wins, with all but one coming with the Yankees. When the Yanks won the 2009 World Series, he won the clincher in all three series.

Without him, the Yanks have a big hole to fill in their rotation that must be filled by Ivan Nova, Sergio Mitre, or a combo of Freddy Garcia and two washed up guys who might as well be out of the league: Mark Prior and “Fat Pussy Toad Part II” Bartolo Colon.

Take a look at the videos on the Yanks website especially “Pettitte’s stellar career” and “Prime 9: Pettitte’s postseason gems”.  If you’ve been a true Yankee fan over the past decade it will bring back some good memories. Thanks for all the memories Andy…and the rings.


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