Posted by: Tom Duch | February 7, 2011

World Champs, and World Heavyweight Champ

Congrats to the Green Bay Packers for beating the Steelers and winning Super Bowl XLV. Weeks ago it looked like they weren’t even going to make the playoffs, but the Pack beat the Giants then went on a 2007 Giant-like run all the way to the Lombardi trophy.

For a second straight year, an elite, Super Bowl champion quarterback had the ball in his hands with a chance to further his legacy. But much like Peyton Manning last year, Big Ben could not get it done in the clutch.

Sure they were a six seed, sure they had 16 players on the IR including a top 5 tight end and a 1,200 yard back, but the most absurd stat of their season: they never trailed by more than 7 points all year. Twenty games and never going down by more than a touchdown; hats of to the Clay-maker and the defense.

Also hats off to Aaron Rodgers and the offense, and that hopefully Rodgers is finally fully out of Brett Favre’s shadow and his Wrangler’s and got himself a jeans contract. Rodgers and I have been through a lot in the fantasy world, and he’s helped me make runs to the championship in the Rogers family fantasy league in consecutive seasons. Now he’s done it in real life, and he was awarded not only the Super Bowl MVP, but also the World Heavyweight Championship.  The champ is here.

Forget black & yellow, green & yellow are champions of the world


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