Posted by: Tom Duch | February 17, 2011

Mrs. Fields: Procurer of great cookies & great basketball players

He’s started every game for the Knicks so far this season.  Spike Lee wears his jersey to pretty much every game.  He has his own Modell’s commercial.

I can tell by your silence you’re just intrigued, I know it (watch commercial at 1:58, you’ll know what I’m talking about).

He was the 39th overall pick in last year’s draft, but he ranks in the top 30 in the league in rebounding.  The 6′ 7″ guard averages 7.1 boards per game, ranking tops among all NBA guards and greater than every power forward but LeBron and Carmelo.  At 55%, his shooting percentage ranks 3rd among all guards.

And oh yea, he’s won two Eastern Conference Rookie of the Month awards; that’s one more than #1 pick John Wall for those counting at home.

So why can’t LANDRY FIELDS win the rookie of the year award?  He might get some votes, but the main reason he won’t win is because of second year stud Blake Griffin.  That’s right second year.

Griffin was drafted with the first pick in 2009 but there are certain extenuating circumstances that say he’s still a rookie. I side with Eric from Billy Madison and say, extenuating exshmenuating.

Fields might not dunk like Griffin, Dougie like John Wall, or be as big as DeMarcus Cousins, but his team is better than all of these guy’s, and he’s helped put the excitement of Knicks basketball back in the Big Apple.  Fields for Rookie of the Year: Go New York, Go New York, Go.


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