Posted by: Tom Duch | March 3, 2011

Fools Gholston

For the second time in two weeks, Duchisms is lucky enough to have one of our outstanding analysts join us to blog about recent events.  Robbie Wild, our esteemed Jets analyst, joins us today with a blog on one of the Jets recent cuts, Vernon Gholston. In 2008, the Jets made Gholston a rich man, taking the former Ohio State star with the 6th overall pick of the draft. Three years and zero sacks later, New York parted ways with arguably the biggest bust in the history of the franchise. All Gholston had to do was record one sack, one forced fumble, or one fumble recovery and he would have been $9 mil richer, howeva, the man couldn’t get it done.

Enter Robbie Wild, who doesn’t really see it that way. The following thoughts and comments are not the property of Duchisms. If anyone has problems with the comments made please feel free to e-mail our analyst at

Ode and Farewell to my favorite Jet, Vernon Gholston

I’ll never forget the day you became a Jet. It was the year I graduated college. I remember being pleased with the pick. You were a 6th overall pick from THE Ohio State University and a workout beast. I had dreams of you muscling through the line and pinning Tom Brady to the ground. Did that sound weird?

The Jets seemed to be even more excited – making sure you were set for life with $21 million in guaranteed money. As long as you don’t blow all that loot on creatine and Terrell Pryor Fat Heads you should be cruising. You could even call it a successful career and get on the Hall of Fame Ballot in five years.

Why do I think Gholston is a hall of famer? That may be a stretch, actually. I at least think the Jets should retire his number for the following reasons.

1. Blocker Occupation

Although Gholston never recorded a sack, he was adept at occupying blockers. Football is a team sport, and by grabbing the hands of the offensive tackle and playing “mercy,” Gholston effectively freed up Bart Scott and David Harris. Darrelle Revis, the best player on the defense, has never recorded a sack either. Bottom line: stats are overrated and don’t tell the whole story.

2. Hard Knocks

In an unprecedented moment in NFL history, Rex Ryan ordered another player to start a fight with Gholston to get him pissed and spur aggression. You think an aggressive demeanor would come natural for an NFL player, especially for a defensive lineman. In today’s NFL, calculation is more important than aggression – think Peyton “cut that meat” Manning.

3. Switching Numbers

In his second or third season (don’t feel like looking it up), Gholston switched his number. This drove up jersey sales and subsequently increased revenue for the organization. This was actually a sinister collaboration between GM Mike Tannebaum and Gholston’s agents – they knew every kid had to have a Gholston jersey. I was kind of angry when I had to shell out another 100 bucks for another jersey, but all the Laker fans had to do it for Kobe when he switched to 24.

4. Switching Positions

Gholston did it all for the Jets. He played some special teams but also switched from linebacker to defensive end in 2010. Truth is, Gholston could probably play anywhere on the field. Rumor has it that Tannebaum and Ryan were contemplating converting Gholston to a rover back style defense last year with Gholston being the blitzing/covering/blocker occupying centerpiece.

5. 2010 Playoffs

Finally, Gholston showed why he was the ultimate team player in the 2010 playoffs. Gholston was inactive during this magical run – but not for performance reasons obviously. Gholston voluntarily took a seat so that veterans Jason Taylor and Trevor Pryce could get more playing time. An admirable act of sportsmanship for sure, but imagine what the Jets could have done against the Steelers with Gholston in the mix. Gholston could have been the spy on Big Ben and locked him down all game.

We will miss you Vern, I hope you find a place outside our division. I am confident BOTH of your numbers will be hanging high someday in New Meadowlands Arena – even during Giant games.



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