Posted by: Tom Duch | March 12, 2011

NFL pulling a JG Wentworth

The word of the day is GREED, brought to you because of the lockout the NFL imposed on its players. This marks the first work stoppage in the NFL in nearly 25 years.

At a time when the league is at such a high why would the two sides jeopardize the start of next season? Yes it’s about salaries and player benefits, but as always the number one reason….MONEY. It seems that the owners and the players cannot figure out a fair way to distribute some 9 billion dollars evenly. That’s right billion, with a B.

I feel like this situation is like a couple of kids trying to share a pizza. The owners are the fat kid who don’t do anything to deserve it but want all the biggest slices; then they steal one of poor skinny, starving Johnny’s pieces. Do you really need that extra billion guys? And do you really think you deserve it?

It’s starting to get ugly, as several players including Peyton Manning and Drew Brees have filed antitrust lawsuits against the NFL. You’ve got six months before my fantasy draft, so settle your differences and get this deal done kiddies.

Listen closely next time you’re around an NFL stadium or near a player or owner’s house. If you do you’ll probably hear:



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