Posted by: Tom Duch | March 13, 2011

SELECT Company

(Can someone please tell me why Greg Gumbel is the guy who gets to announce the teams? And can you please tell me why they do it in the most anti-climatic way possible? Please give that job to Gus Johnson. As a matter of fact, give Gus Johnson every job you can throughout the tournament. I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more Gus.)

Remember when they talked about expanding the field to 96!!?? Just think how ridiculous the tournament would be if they chose to do it that way. There wouldn’t be any on the bubble teams because every single halfway decent team makes it. But with only 68, some teams get left out, even with three more at-large teams being added.

This year Alabama, Boston College, Saint Mary’s, and Colorado were some of the big names who had their bubbles burst on Selection Sunday. Instead we saw Georgia, Clemson, and Virginia Commonwealth as some surprise picks. VCU has drawn the most questions, but as a Drexel grad I say CAA pride! (and come on people they have to play USC in a play-in game for an 11 seed. I don’t think you really deserve to say you were in the tourney unless you make the field of 64 and play on those “ultimate pretend like you’re working but are just watching the games” days on Thursday and Friday.)

As far as picks go, my rule of thumb is usually when in doubt, stick with the Big East teams. However, I’ve been notoriously one of the worst bracket pickers in recent years so what do I know. I might have to resort to using one of the methods from ESPNs new commercial. I mean if Paul the Octopus can pick the World Cup winner anything is possible.


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