Posted by: Tom Duch | March 13, 2011

The HERD’s the word: Rock Band Bracket Round 2

If you haven’t seen my blog of first round picks for Colin Cowherd’s Rock Band bracket, have a look HERE. I got some good views for it so here’s my 2nd round picks.

Well it looks like the voters weren’t as upset-minded as me when it came to first round picks. Only Skynryd and the Dead pulled out upsets in round one, and they probably shouldn’t have been seeded that low in the first place. Here’s the real matchups that should take place in the 2nd round and the picks for who’s gonna head to the Sweet 16:


Rolling Stones over Motley Crue

I liked what they did with them in Hot Tub Time Machine, but I don’t get no SATISFACTION out of SMOKIN” IN THE BOYS ROOM. The Stones in an easy one here.

Queen over Police

Probably the toughest game of the tourney. Bad seeding might have brought these two together too early on in the tourney, but nevertheless we’ll enjoy a double OT thriller with Freddie Mercury hitting a buzzer-beater from the corner. Kevin and Scrantonicity cry themselves to sleep and sing I’LL BE MISSING YOU to the tourney.

Journey over Cars

Both Cars and Journey pulled first round upsets, and although it may be an upset on paper, in reality, Journey pulling another upset in the second round isn’t really an upset. DON’T STOP BELIEVIN’ in the Cinderella 13 seed.

Skynyrd over Foreigner

Also a meeting of two teams to upset higher seeds in round one. It FELT LIKE THE FIRST TIME when Foreigner upset Nirvana, probably because an upset of that magnitude hasn’t happened since Hampton stunned Iowa State in 2001. Foreigner may be HOT BLOODED coming off the huge upset, it will probably change the band forever, but as far as round two goes I’ve got one word for you…FREEBIRD. Ooh ooh THAT SMELL, the smell of another Skynryd win.


Led Zeppelin over Allman Bros

Sorry Allmans but you just ran into the tourney’s biggest powerhouse. Not ACHILLES’ LAST STAND, but the last stand for the Allmans.

Metallica over Styx

As much as I’d love to see a 12 over a 4, ENTER SANDMAN, say goodnight Styx. I see Styx taking an early lead, but there’d be TOO MUCH TIME ON THEIR HANDS, and Metallica would slowly creep back into it with a steady build up then dropping the big guitar solo in the form of a twenty ONE – nothing run to end the game.

Doors over Bob Marley/Wailers

Marley liked to smoke the routine marijuana cigarette, but Jim Morrison was an even crazier mama jama who would do anything to be #winning. This is THE END Bob, so DON’T WORRY, and don’t BE HAPPY.

Eagles over Phish

All that jamming is getting annoying. It’s like a team running the spread offense for the entire half, getting only two to three shots off. Too many scoring threats (hits) and playmakers (big hits) for the Eagles.


U2 over Clash

If the Allmans had drawn the East region we would probably be saying goodbye to U2 right now. But lucky for Bono, and lucky for Cowherd, U2 cruises into the Sweet 16. Uno, dos, tres, diez y siete!!

Pete Townsend with his infamous windmill strum

Bon Jovi over Aerosmith

The classic case of two highly regarded bands that I don’t really care for. Aerosmith has their own Guitar Hero, but Jovi owns his own football team. I have to choose one, so since this is a sports blog I’ll regrettably choose the third best rocker to come out of New Jersey (1. Springsteen 2. Jonas Brothers).

The Who over Parliament-Funkadelic

WHO ARE YOU – is what most people would say about Parliament. Bringing the funk won’t help against wind-milling guitar strumming and unbeatable mic twirling by Townsend and Daultry.

Pink Floyd over Grateful Dead

HAVE A CIGAR Floyd, because you’ve made it to the round of 16. Roger Waters wins the premier battle against Jerry Garcia (although Garcia wins the ice cream battle) and helps his team advance.

Far East-

Beatles over Def Leppard

Def Leppard has a one-armed drummer and the Beatles have drummer who’s the luckiest man in the history of rock. Rich Allen is probably still better than Ringo Starr, but the Beatles are still way better than Leppard. Take a PHOTOGRAPH because you’re going home Lep, meanwhile the Beatles are on a YELLOW SUBMARINE to round three.

Jimi Hendrix Experience over Pearl Jam

A better version of All Along the Watchtower, the best damn Star Spangle Banner ever played, and perhaps the greatest entrance in wrestling with Hollywood Hogan walking down the aisle strumming the title belt like a guitar. Hendrix’ resume is just too great, and so is his guitar game. Sorry Vedder, you are no longer ALIVE in this tournament.

Guns N’ Roses over Red Hot Chili Peppers

Age before beauty, respect your elders, however you want to put it, GNR is one step closer to PARADISE CITY, the tournament championship. Good matchup here but Slash squashes Flea like a flea in the post and move on to HIGHER GROUND.

Van Halen over Kiss

Joe Dirt likes them, and so do I in this physical, hardcore matchup. The face paint and costumes is all show, it’s the guitar shredding and shooting of Van Halen, not Van Hagar that puts the two seed in the next round. JAIME’S CRYIN, and so is Gene Simmons.




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